terça-feira, 29 de maio de 2012

HOW TO BUILD HOUSE FOR THE HENS ( using mostly recycled materials)

Little Help .
Building and Materials .
Total floor size 8'x5' ft ( long x wide)
Sleeping area 4.5'x5'
Sleeping aera from floor 19" ( inch)
Roof top hight 8' ft
Roof left 5'x4'
Roof right 5'x8'

Laying box ( inch) 15"x10"x 60" (WxHxL)
Glass Window 34"x12"
Service Door 17,5"x33"
Hen enter door 12"x13,5"
Hen Egg box Doors 22,5"x10" /pice
Front air Hole 42,5"x12"
Back air Hole 12,5"x10"
Hen Ladder 48"x12" ( WxL)

All Material
1.5"x2" ( inch) x 8' (ft) = 30 piece
Wall & Roof Board or panel = 140 sqft
Roof Cover = 60 sqft
Sleeping Box Floor 23 sqft

If You Buy New material
Cost estimate .
50 pice 5,5"x 1/2" or 3/4" X 8'(ft) = close to $ 250
30 Piece 1,5"x2" X8'(ft) = close to $ 60
Roof Metal 60 sqft = close to $50
Nails+Hardware +varnish or Paint =close to$100

If you buy or have new treaded wood no need to painting .

ALL COST for new material Close to $ 460-$ 500

I'M SPEND ONLY $ 50 for Hardware plus $ 15Gas and 6hr work time to find recycled material

The video show in first 3 min how I prepared recycled found wood and material to be ready to use to build the chicken coop . The second part 3 to 10 min show how I built the hen house (chicken coop) step by step Total building time

This hen house take longer time to build .
Here is some estimate .
-Thinking and Planning 2.5 hr
-Material prepare ( clean and cut ) 3 hr
-Framing 3 hr
-Wall paneling 2hr
-The windows ( air circulation) and doors 5hr
-Floor 1.5 hr
-Roof paneling 2hr
-Roof metal cover 2hr
-Scraping and Staining 2.5hr
All time 23.5 Hour plus 4 Hour material find and transport
Total work time 27.5 hr
Video record 3 Hour and 10 Hour editing.
All best from Sandor