sábado, 22 de setembro de 2012

History of Seed Development in US

A snowstorm prevented many seed people from attending the Organic Seed Growers Conference a few weeks ago. A few of you asked if the session I did on public seed systems was recorded. It was not, but I did find this video taken by the good folks at Kohala Center from an event they put on in 2010, Hua Ka Hua – Restore our Seed; A Public Seed Symposium. It covers some of the same historical material on seed sector development in US (I was with OSA at the time, so job title is not current). Thanks to Kohala Center for making this and all the symposium presentations publicaly available through their site.

Source : http://www.seedmatters.org/blog/2012/02/a-brief-history-of-seed-in-us/